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Linking objective, audit and compliance within a single system


Flexible design for process, and look & feel

Discover the 9 NARIS GRC® modules

The NARIS platform consists of 9 modules and automates risk management. This platform not only provides a better understanding of past and current risks, measures and costs, but also converts this data into improved performance.

The system is web-based, accessible at any time and from any place. The huge knowledge base offers you rapid access to benchmark and historical data.

A new dimension in Risk management

"Risk management should help us making strategic decisions and dealing with external changes, but it shouldn't involve more lists and management measures. It is about looking for the right conversations, organizing discussions, preventing management bias, et cetera."
Wouter Schram, Manager Operational Audit and Corporate Risk Management at Gasunie

Recognizable, accessible and user-friendly

“When we want to add functions, NARIS GRC® offers many possibilities for this. The software is accessible and user-friendly. Moreover, is NARIS GRC® is very recognizable for our users, because it uses the same terminology as our organization."
Agnes Pol, manager Finance & Control woningcorporatie Actium

Data collection

To get the complete picture, one needs to collect information from a wide range of sources. NARIS GRC® offers you a fully integrated solution:

Number 1 in risk- management software

More than 15 years of experience

Digital Training available

Erik van Marle
NARIS managing director

NARIS GRC® software, much more than just a tool!

NARIS GRC® software has been developed with the end-user in mind, incorporating our many years of expertise in the field of ​​risk management. Using this combination of vision and expertise, we have developed the NARIS GRC® platform with 9 connected modules.

This set-up is highly user-friendly, meaning that an integrated risk management approach within your organization is finally out there.

The GRC® platform includes the following features:

Componenten Ondersteuning
Included data sources GRC knowledge base & benchmark risk listings
Supported standards COSO ERM 2017, RISMAN and ISO 31000
Flexibility Flexible set up; use your own (entry) fields and branding
GDPR support Your GDPR-proof data with NARIS GRC®
Expansion options Comprehensive risk management via modular expansion options
Report options Efficient and online reporting to management
Management guidelines Prevents unnecessary failure costs, proactive support for management guidelines
Number of users Lisenced for an unlimited number of users

NARIS GRC® software has been developed to comply with the highest quality criteria, which is why we are permitted to work in partnership with Microsoft. Your data is optimally protected, secured according to ISO 27001 standards: