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As well as providing the software, Naris guides the implementation of risk-based performance in the organization. In general, we take you through three key steps when you team up with us:

Step 1: Structuring
Currently, at what stage is the organisation and more importantly: what ambition does it have? What is its management philosophy? How do we involve the management? Which data is already available and which reports are required? Which look & feel? These are among the many questions with which we can make a start, together with you. Result: a clear point on the horizon and also a roadmap showing how to reach that point.

Step 2: Implementing
It is important that the organisation implements GRC correctly. That’s where we gladly take the lead and make implementation easier. Depending on the need, we see to providing stimulating presentations, workshops and interviews. We also provide knowledge in the form of analyses, reports and policy documents. We train your employees in using the software and we are available both for coaching and as a sparring partner. Result: a committed and self-reliant organisation.

Step 3: Safeguarding
The organisation is self-reliant through complete transfer of instruments and knowledge. But our role doesn’t end there: we continue to be your lifeline via software and coaching– always ready to share new insights with you. Result: up-to-date (benchmark) knowledge, sustainable safeguarding and a sparring partner by your side at all times.

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Why Naris Implementation?

  • hands on mentality; apply knowledge directly and safeguarding in software
  • 15 years of experience in GRC Implementations
  • proven success; we have sustainably implemented software in over 200 organisations
  • guaranteed experienced GRC experts
  • direct communication; we are available as a coach and a sparring partner
  • knowledge sharing; knowledge always up-to-date due to continuous knowledge sharing via software, blogs and network meetings