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Connect all of your GRC components to the 9 NARIS GRC® modules

Connect all GRC components within your organization. NARIS GRC® allows you to create coordinated management reports with ease

Our software is offered as-a-service, so we make sure it’s available and updated, accessible everywhere, with strong user based authorisation. Furthermore, the GRC platform offers you a broad knowledge base so that benchmark and historical data is always accessible.

Do you want to know more about how the 9 modules of NARIS GRC® operate? Let us explain them to you!


Low threshold risk management. NARIS® Risk Management helps you collect all of your relevant risk information. With NARIS®, you will link your risks and control measures directly to the correct department and to the organization’s primary objectives. You will also be able to assess any implemented improvements. This means you are in complete control of your company’s risk management.


Risk-based auditing. NARIS® Audit software facilitates risk-based auditing. Different roles and rights within the system support self-sufficient testing and controls. A combination of NARIS® Audit and NARIS® Risk Management allows audits to be directly linked to the organization risk profile.


Meet the requirements you choose to meet. NARIS® Compliance ensures that you have complete control. This software lists all standards, legislation and regulations to enable proactive management. You determine your targets per standard to produce crystal clear reports.


Making incident reports simple. NARIS® Incidents is web-based. Reporting incidents will become low threshold; employees can enter information from smartphones, tablets or laptops. Based on this data, you are able to speedily generate analyses and reports. Trends become visible, allowing you to be in complete control of your risk factors.


Create quick, low threshold and efficient online questionnaires. NARIS® Self-Assessment has been developed to carry out rapid, efficient online risk scans. The resulting risk scan means you can accurately pinpoint which projects, departments or factors are at (high) risk. NARIS® Self-Assessment implements standardised questionnaires based on practical experience and, in addition to measurable (financial) factors, also cover less tangible factors. You are also given the option to design these questionnaires yourself. With NARIS® Self-Assessment, portfolios are substantiated and mutually comparable, allowing you to focus on higher-risk projects.


NARIS® Strategy software has been developed to prioritise risks and actively involve your personnel in the fields of strategy and risk management. You explain, in clear and concise terms, the relationship between targets and their accompanying risks. This permits the entire organization to prioritize and proactively manage them.


A clear and complete picture of premiums, policies and damages. NARIS® Insurance software brings structure to your portfolio, offering a clear and complete overview of premiums, policies and damages. Employees, intermediaries, appraisers and estate agents can report and change claims via the internet. Together with other methods, reports and analyses provide understanding as to where unnecessary costs are incurred. With NARIS® Insurance, you proactively manage your portfolio by way of automatic reminders, working more efficiently by reducing duplication and avoiding unnecessary costs.


A clear overview of your entire contract portfolio. NARIS® Contracts captures the most important data per contract, such as contract type, parties, conditions, expiration date, value, and performance agreements. Reports can be easily compiled using various analysis options.


NARIS® Clinic has been developed to simplify risk inventory and quantification within an organization. This module offers you the option to collect and quantify risks as a group, individually, online and offline. This encourages dialogue as regards per-risk probability and impact. Work efficiently from your work space, producing high-quality risk profiles.