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Knowledge workshops
Risk management workshop
What should an organisation know about risk management in order to cooperate? How do you collaborate as an organisation and who does what? Risk-awareness and basic knowledge are important factors in creating a support for risk-based performance.

How do you formulate risks? How do you assess and quantify your risks? How do you take all risks into consideration and how do you retrieve all of the required information conveniently? In this workshop we make a start, formulate and quantify risks and store the information directly in the software.

Strategy maps
How do you transform your workplace strategy to fit one side of A4 paper? What are the concrete objectives and critical success factors, which tend to go unseen on the tig pages of the policy plan? During this workshop, we extract the core of your policy plan and make it visible on a single chart.

Software workshops
Administrator training courses
How do you operate the NARIS GRC® ? What are the important functions, where do you find what you need and what options does the software offer you? In this training, you learn how to get the NARIS GRC® working for you.

User training
Employees receive their own login credentials with specific rights, but how do they use NARIS GRC®? Where do they find what they need and how can they benefit from the software? In this training, important employees are trained in using the NARIS GRC®.